Fun Living In the South

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"Fun Living in the South"

Thank you for visiting our site. We are so glad you are joining us and would like to say Bless your heart and welcome!  Any day is a great day that you are in the South. Our southern states are quite fabulous as I might say. My hometown is found in Fannin County, GA. Most are familiar with it as Blue Ridge, GA. We are only 90 miles to the airport in Atlanta, GA.  Our little town has much to offer with its small-town mom and pop stores that you can still find around. The locals are wonderful and glad to invite you in for some sweet tea and a good apple pie. 

Our little hometown is therapy the dr. ordered.  You can escape from the busy highways and the swarm of people.  As you begin to see the mountains from Jasper, GA you will sense the serene atmosphere that the mountains offer.  You can come take hikes, go bike riding, tubing, fishing, hunting, ferry cross hunting, or even shopping.  There are also some places to die for to eat that I will get to next time. We have many waterfalls to visit and of course our beautiful Blue Ridge Lake.

l look forward to having you visit this site frequently to see the fund exciting things coming up in the next several months.  Please share this blog and feel free to give me feedback. 

Thank you, 


Christal Davis